12d Model training courses are available for a wide range of fields and experience levels.

The best way to learn 12d is with an in-house training course. We also schedule external courses regularly in several cities.  All of our training sessions are available ‘in-house’ and we provide training computers and all course material. In-house courses can also be customised to meet your particular training needs.


The ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ course is the prerequisite for most 12d Model courses. Other 12d Model courses may have other prerequisites.

The ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ course provides training in the basic operations of 12d Model, and we require that you have these skills when you attend any of the other courses.

The material of the Introduction to 12d Model course is available free of charge on this page, and a free Practice version of 12d Model can be accessed. DOWNLOAD it from the 12d Solutions website.  Watch the video INSTRUCTIONS for downloading, installing and authorising the 12d Practice Version.

People who have worked through the training material in their own time will gain a lot more from the course. We recommend that you download and work through the material before you attend the course.

Working through the material in your own time is NOT a substitute for attending the course.

If you are in a workplace where 12d Model is being used, and you wish to have workplace experience considered, please contact us before registering for a course.

If you are not working in a workplace where 12d Model is being used, or if you wish to learn 12d Model to help you find a job, then the following requirements are in place:

  • You may attend the ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ course.
  • You may not register for or attend any other courses in that series of training. If you register, we will cancel the registration.
  • After attending the ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ course, you may be accepted for other courses at the next series of training.
    Before attending any other courses you must work through the material in the 12d Model ‘Basic Civil Design’ course available here.