12d Model to Revit Add-in

The benefits of BIM (Building Information Modelling) that have been realised on building projects for years are now available on Civil Projects designed using 12d Model.

EXDS has developed an Add-in to run inside Revit that will create the 12d Model civil design entities in Revit.

All of the inherent intelligence of data created by 12d Model is retained, and can be viewed and interrogated inside Revit.

The Add-in has now completed Beta Testing (March 2014) and is available for purchase. Each licence is $500 plus GST. Please contact EXDS if you wish to purchase the addin or have any questions.

*Note: As of 16/5/2014 our client validation software has changed. Users are now validated using an EXDS Serial Number. Previously, users were validated using their Revit Serial Number. You will receive your EXDS Serial Number via email after you have purchased the addin.

Download Installer