EXDS Customisation for 12d Model 10

The way we would configure 12d Model if we were doing your job

EXDS Customisation for 12d Model 10

Customisation files for 12d Model 10 have been written by the Support staff at EXDS, and tune 12d Model to work the way that WE would want if we were using it for production.  You can use the files just as they are, or tweak them to make 12d Model work exactly the way that YOU want it to. EXDS Plugins are included with the EXDS Customisation.  Plugins are macros, provided to enhance 12d Model and give you more tools to work smarter-not harder.  The EXDS Plugins are installed as part of the EXDS Customisation, of if you simply wish to add these tools to your own customisation, they can be installed alone. Click on the ‘Download’ button on the left hand sidebar to download the installer for the EXDS Plugins and EXDS Customisation. This will take you to the login page, where you will need to login to complete the download. If you do not already have a login you will need to register.  Registration is free and only takes a moment!

EXDS Customisation (includes EXDS Plugins)

The EXDS Customisation files give a setup for 12d Model that we would use if we were using 12d Model for production.  EXDS Plugins are included in the installation, you have the choice of installing only the Plugins, or the full EXDs Customisation.

  • Templates for Road Cross Sections give typical road cross section, with either shoulder and verge or kerb and gutter.  String naming is standardised and the names set in the templates are used to control output at the end of the design phase.
  • Export Map Files control output from 12d Model CAD.  The name of the string in 12d Model controls it’s layer in CAD, and colours and linetypes can be set to ‘by layer’.  DWT files ensure that linestyles in 12d Model are reproduced in CAD.
  • Plot parameter files and plot frames enable you to produce plan and section plots output directly from 12d Model to paper, or to CAD.  Linework plotted to CAD is in layers, and ‘bylayer’ can be used.

EXDS Plugins

Plugins are extra tools for 12d Model, provided by EXDS. We have plugins for grading strings, dam creation, rotating symbols, creating offsets, checking service clashes, and much more.  Check out the on-line help for the plugins to see what is available.