April 2014

The latest news on development work for 12d Model 10 and macros.

Macro for drones

Extra Dimension Solutions has written a macro to take simple CAD text and make it part of the 3d perspective view for use with aerial photographs on construction project.  Up-to-date aerial photography is easy to obtain as drones become more common on site, and project managers value the ability to lay out an up-to-date aerial photograph at site meetings. The macro is included in the latest release of the EXDS Customisation.


12d Synergy12d-synergy

The team at 12d Solutions have been working flat out on 12d Synergy since unveiling it. 12d Synergy is a data management and project collaboration system that allows design team members to track all changes made across the team.  Cardno in New Zealand are one of the early adopters and have been working closely with the 12d programmers to ensure that Synergy will provide all the features needed. “The New Wellington office have been up and running for about four weeks, Christchurch are up and running as of last week. In the next couple months the Taupo and Hastings office will be running Synergy,” 12d New Zealand’s Lane Irwin says.


12d Model to Revit Add-in released

developmentsImage2We are pleased to announce the release of our 12d Model to Revit Add-in to integrate Civil Design with BIM systems.  The Add-in has been developed in-house by EXDS in response to requests for a better route to Revit than IFC.  It has been written in Revit’s programming language and will read an XML file from 12d Model.

At present the Add-in will process 12d Model’s Drainage Strings (pits, pipes, culverts and channels) and Super Strings (pipes and culverts).  Developement work is ongoing and the next update will provide a route to transfer tins from 12d Model into Revit.

Thanks to our Beta testers for their feedback and for assistance in developing Revit families for use in the Add-in.


RMS GENIO requirement macro

A macro developed for Tony Rose Surveys solves a new requirement in the latest version of RMS software.  While processing a detailed survey for the RMS in Grafton, Tony found the RMS software processed the GENIO file differently to MX.  The new requirement is that every text entity has a unique four character code.  EXDS produced a macro to process the text and meet this requirement. The macro is part of the EXDS Customisation,and can be downloaded here.