April 2014

The latest news and buzz about 12d Model and the industry, from Australia and around the world.

12d Model V11

12d Solutions has moved to the final stages for Alpha testing for 12d Model 11, which is scheduled for release at the 12d International Users Conference in July. 12d co-founder and Managing Director, Dr Lee Gregory, says there are several significant changes in the pipeline.

“A ground breaking development in 12d Model 11 is the production of solid models for not only standard items such as  pits and pipes but also for all the other important Civil items such as pavement layers, kerbs and tunnels,” Dr Gregory reveals. “And this is all done with only simple additions to MTF commands so that all the power of the existing (and new V11 MTF commands) are available for producing design accurate 3D objects.

“This revolutionary approach is not just for designers. It also allows Estimators and Construction groups to quickly build full 3d roads, railways or tunnels from just the design strings and typical sections. Plus the generated objects are perfect for 3D Printers!”

Until now, 12d Model has used a tin – a ‘triangulated irregular network’.  A conventional tin works great with concave surfaces, but gets confused when it finds an overhang.  Modelling bridges and underpass has always been a tedious process because of this.  Modelling these structures as ‘solids’ will produces ‘3D objects’ rather than tin surfaces.

Version 11 will also see the release of ADAC read and write capability, giving a clear route for as-built data to be stored electronically and be available for use in the next project. In other areas, ePlan capability will be released, there will be a pdf reader, new conformance, setout and reporting capability for tunnels, intelligent dimension and leader lines, and ability to do shadow analysis (for both roads and buildings).

The tunnelling part of 12d is being beta tested on a rail tunnel project in Sydney, and has already had a thumbs-up from the Project Surveyor.

12d Solutions is holding FREE What’s New in 12d Model 11 Seminars throughout Australia and New Zealand, with dates already set for Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, North Queensland and New Zealand. Seminar dates in May for New South Wales, the ACT and South Australia are on the way, and will be announced shortly. The presentations are to give existing 12d Model users an insight into the new features and enhancements in  coming the version of 12d Model.

New 12d distributor in Middle East

We’re delighted to welcome 12d Model’s new distributor in the Middle East as a new division of Jaibaji Group — one of the leading privately owned companies in the region, with a reputation for excellence across its engineering, construction, and specialist services companies.

Jaibaji Group has offices in both the Iraq capital of Baghdad, and the Jordanian capital of Amman.  Together with 12d’s existing operations in the United Arab Emirates, the new appointment gives an even stronger presence in the Middle East.  Jaibaji Group has been active in introducing 12d Model in the region, and has seen Baghdad City Council recently implement12d Model for a major water and sewer project.

Initial roll-out was personally handled by Makram Jaibaj, who is able to draw on his extensive experience overseeing high-end design and management of infrastructure projects both in the Middle East and the UK, including the London 2012 Olympics Master Plan Infrastructure Development and the landmark Ras Al Khaima Gateway (pictured above).

Follow-up training was delivered in Dubai by Matt Monk from the 12d Solution’s UK office — and we hear he was pretty happy to swap London weather for some Dubai sunshine.

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