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NEWS | May 2014

Iconic Adelaide Superway opens.

NEWS | April 2014

12d Model 11 alpha testing final stages.

Pitch your toughest science questions to Dr Karl

Physicist, tutor, film-maker, car mechanic, labourer, and medical doctor Dr Karl Kruszelnicki will present his unique take on the world — and answer your tough questions — at the 12d International Users Conference.

With close to 30 years of showing the public the excitement of a range of science fields, Dr Karl made his TV debut in 1985 as the presenter of the first series of Quantum. Since 1986 he has reported science on the Midday Show, Good Morning Australia (including a full-time stint in 1991-2 as the TV Weatherman and science reporter), the Today Show and Channel 7’s breakfast program Sunrise. Alongside his fellow geek Adam Spencer, he has written and co-produced two series of Sleek Geeks for ABC TV. Karl also popularises science on ABC radio stations across Australia and, on the BBC, for several hours each week.

Karl has written 34 books to date, beginning with ‘Great Moments In Science’ in 1984, and includes such titles as ‘It Ain’t Necessarily So…’Bro’ (2006), which was launched, quite literally, via rocket at Sydney’s Bondi Beach (a world first). His latest two books, Game of Knowns (for the grown ups) and Dr Karl’s Big Book of Science Stuff and Nonsense (for the kiddies), were released in October 2013.

In 2002, Dr Karl was honoured with the prestigious Ig Nobel prize awarded by Harvard University in the USA for his ground-breaking research into Belly Button Lint and why it is almost always blue.

In March 2012, Dr Karl joined a rather exclusive list, when he was declared one of Australia’s 100 National Living Treasures.

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