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PDF Reader a hit at 12d Model V11 upgrade seminars  12d-Model-pdf-in-acrobat2-550x400

The EXDS team has presented 12d Model upgrade seminars in major centres around NSW and in Adelaide, and everyone who attended the seminars was excited about the new features and design tools.

We had positive feedback about everything we presented, but the part that got most applause was the new pdf reader.  This will read a pdf file into 12d Model, and even better, if the pdf contains lines and text, these will come into 12d as text and lines.

You can see the quality of the seamless import in the comparison between the pdf file in 12d Model (at the top of this page) and the same pdf file in Acrobat Reader (above right).


New Clash Detection tools

12d-Model-V11-clash-detection-new-tools-1Version 11 of 12d Model adds a brilliant new clash detection tool.  Clashes are found and reported between pipes, culverts and drainage strings.

The tool works by putting an envelope around each service, then checking for a clash between the envelope and another service.

You specify the envelope (clearance) for the service, then you can clash check all the underground utilities in one go.

The beauty of this method is that both horizontal clearances
(pipes side by side) and vertical clearance are checked.

12d Model will show you where the clash occurs and give you a report of the services involved, and the clearance achieved.


 More than 200 other features

ADAC read and write capabilities

12d Model provides tools to add the necessary metadata to strings and points, and to export an ADAC xml file. 12d Model will also read and validate XML files that you may receive.

ADAC stands for ‘Asset Designed As Constructed’ and is a initative of the Institute of Public Works Engineers Australasia (IPWEA). The ADAC XML schemea provides a standardised format for local authorities, designers, and contractors to store and exchange data, in an electronic format that is not locked to a particular software company.

ePlan – generating Cadastral XML files for submission to Authorities

ePlan is intended to streamline the lodgement of cadastral plans, by replacing the scanned paper plan currently used, with electronic information in XML format. 12d Model 11 will generate and export the point, segment, and parcel information for the boundaries, and include the necessary metadata about the class, area, and mis-close of the boundary. 12d Model’s ePlan capability includes the display and plotting of parcels, parcel areas, point i.d.s, bearings, distances.

12d Synergy integration

12d Synergy is a data management and project collaboration tool written to work alongside 12d Model, and control all of the documents, drawings, projects, and correspondence related to a project.
12d Synergy provides direct links to 12d Model, CAD, Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Intelligent Dimensions, Leaders and Tables

Dimensions and Leaders can be quickly drafted in 12d Model, and the displayed dimensions or information are associative – that is, if the data changes the dimension or leader will change as well.
Leaders can be created to show string length, bearing, segment length, radius, string name, xy location etc.
Tables are linked to Super Alignments, or to CSV files, and the table information updates if the data changes.

Element properties

A quick and easy way to change the colour, linetype, font, size, rotation etc of drafting entities inside 12d Model

Tunnel – new generator, setout, conformance and reporting capabilities

Create tunnel shapes, and apply them vertically or perpendicular to the Centreline, and at plan or 3d Chainages. Setout and conform the tunnel to a ‘trimesh’ triangulation of the tunnel shape.

New Pipeline capability for the Super Alignment

Super Alignments can now have a diameter (and pipe justification) added to them, making them the ideal tool for pipeline design.

Enhanced Create Roads including Snippets

Update and enhancement of the ‘Create Roads’ function, to use updated design tools and snippets.

Zipped 12da files

12d ascii files have been renamed to ’12d archive’ (still a ’12da’), and a new ‘zipped’ format of the 12da can be written directly from 12d Model.

Drag and drop for many 12d file types

Drag and drop a file onto the screen from Explorer or email attachment, and the 12d Model reader for that file will open.

Pipe and Attribute toolbars

Toolbars have been added that will allow you to assign a pipe diameter (or culvert size) to strings as you are drafting them. Attributes can be included with strings as they are drafted in a similar way.


  • Enhanced sight distance, Shadow Analysis
  • Many new MTF commands including Trim
  • Unbelievable new powers in Snippets
  • Chains – over 20 new Chain commands, copy and paste between chains, batch mode
  • 1D and 2D drainage enhancements
  • 12d Field enhancements
  • Point clouds including E57 format
  • Hammerhead component
  • And many, many more…