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Development | May 2014

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Development | April 2014

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New USB dongles coming for 12d Model V11

The programmers at 12d Solutions have been working on changes to 12d Model licensing, so that we will have the option of micro USB or SD Card dongles. EXDS has a sneak preview of the new dongles, and we think that they’re pretty cool.  We know that everyone using 12d Field will be pleased to see the new dongles. We are expecting that the new dongles will be available for 12d Model V11

New macros for processing RMS Survey    RMS_SURVEY_BEFORE_PROCESSING

Monteath & Powys in Newcastle regularly does survey work for the RMS. It’s important for the field surveyors to add a ‘+’ after each code to prevent 12d Model from splitting the string number from the code.

PF05+ will give a code of PF05, but PF05 will give a code of just PF (with a string number of 05).  In this case the 05 refers to the spread of the foilage.

When the field crew forgets to code this way, the survey will RMS_SURVEY_AFTER_PROCESSINGnot process correctly.  Greg Newman form Montys regularly has to deal with this problem, so he contacted EXDS to see if we could help.

EXDS wrote a macro to join the string number back onto the code, so that the survey processed properly. The ‘String Number to Name’ macro has been added to the EXDS Plugins, along with two other macros useful for processing RMS survey ‘Set Point Id’ and ‘Set String Name’. Plugins can be downloaded here …