12d Model training courses are available for a wide range of fields and experience levels.

EXDS schedule external (Public) courses regularly.  All of our training sessions are available ‘On-site‘ and EXDS provides training computers and course material.

On-site courses can also be customised to meet your teams specific project training needs.

The ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ course is the prerequisite course for most 12d Model training.

Other 12d Model training courses may have additional prerequisites, these can all be viewed on the diagram shown here.

The ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ course provides training in the basic operations of 12d Model Software. As such we require that you have these competencies skills prior to attending any of the other 12d courses.

If you do not wish to attend the “Introduction to 12d Model” course, the “12d Model Introduction Premium” course training material must be completed. This on-line training session is provided with a license of 12d Model, data set and video tutorials, available via this page.

If your organisation is using 12d Model Software and you have had some use of 12d Model . You may wish to have workplace experience considered.  If this is the case, have your direct supervisor contact EXDS with information via email at support@exds.com.au. Note: You will still need to complete various exercises from the ‘12d Model Introduction Premium’ course to demonstrate basic competencies.  Additional details will be provided via email when EXDS is contacted.

Please note your request for 12d Model Software training at one of our Public sessions will be denied, if you do not have the ‘Introduction’ competencies. This is for the benefit of the other participants and ensures all attendees obtain maximum benefit from attending their training sessions.