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Chains are a powerful and useful feature of 12d Model that can be used by any discipline.  Chains are used for automating a repetitive task, and for recording a workflow that can be reviewed and refined for any project.

This half day training course is for all 12d Model users.We start at the beginning and take you through the fundamentals of creating and editing a simple Chain.  During the course the Chains become more complex as we show you examples of ways to automate operations and techniques to increase productivity.

A course for every user of 12d Model who wants to streamline workflows and increase productivity.

  • Start Time: 9:00 am
  • End Time: 1:00 pm
  • Date: 11th Feb 2022
  • Place: NTSC – 2/80 Mount Street, North Sydney

8 places available

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Chains are one of the most powerful and useful features of 12d Model. They are a list of commands that are recorded for a workflow or set of operations. By writing the workflow to a Chain, a complex series of operations is saved and can be repeated with the push of a button.The Chain is also used to document the workflow. A review of the Chain will provide information about the steps taken to create the design.

In essence a Chain is very much like writing a 12d Model macro to do your work, without needing to know and understand the 12d Model macro language. They can be used to maintain consistent company standards, naming conventions and data output.

This course on Chains takes users through the very ‘easy to create’ options and progresses into advanced exercises. Our aim is to show you the options and flexibility of Chains so that you will understand how best to use them in your projects.


  • Attend the ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ training course OR
  • Complete the Premium version of our on-line training course ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ OR
  • Experience gained in the workplace in the use of 12d Model for modelling surfaces and creating strings. If you claim workplace experience, we will ask you to complete on-line exercises to demonstrate your competence.


After completing this course you will be familiar with techniques for creating and editing Chains, and have an understanding of how to use them to increase productivity.

Course Outline

  • Create and edit a simple Chain.
  • Record and capture 12d Model operations in a variety of ways.
  • Use macros to quickly generate a Chain.
  • Use chain commands for longitudinal and cross section plotting to generate output after a design change.
  • Run chains in an interactive mode, allowing changes to workflow.
  • Link or nest a series of chains together for project control and management.
  • Capture user defined parameters to then be passed into a typical company standard chain.
  • Use a Chain to copy standard files for new projects directly into the working area when the project is created, saving time on setup and standardising work practices.

Throughout the course you will be given exercises to practice the skills that you have learnt, and reinforce the design techniques.


12d Solutions includes training in the use of Chains in many of their Courses, but do not have a training module specific to Chains.