Civil Design Features – Snippet Writing

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Civil Design Features – Snippet Writing covers the techniques to create and edit Snippets, and to use the Snippets to streamline road and highway design

  • Date: 16th and 17th Feb 2022
  • Start Time: 1:30 pm
  • End Time: 4:00 pm
  • Place: On-Line

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Snippets are a way to provide complex MTF design code to every member of your design team. Multiple lines of code are encapsulated in one Snippet, providing powerful tools to the entire team. Snippets are used to define company standards for entity naming, colour and style.
Snippets provide standard design tools to every member of the team to achieve consistent results with greater efficiency.


  • Attend the ‘Civil Design Basics 1 and 2’ training courses OR
  • Experience gained in the workplace in the use of the MTF and Template Modifiers for road and highway design. If you claim workplace experience, we will ask you to complete on-line exercises to demonstrate your competence.

Writing Snippets involves writing and editing commands in a text editor – much like writing code.
If you are not comfortable using a text editor (Notepad++, TextPad, UltraEdit or similar) then this not the course for you.


After completing this course you will be familiar with the steps to create a snippet from MTF code., and to edit that code to include parameters, flow control, and formulas.
You will understand how snippets can be used to standardise output from the design process.
You will be familiar with passing information from Attributes into Snippets to control the design.

Course Outline

  • Create a simple snippet using code created in the MTF file.
  • Implement User definable “parameters” to give your snippet flexibility.
  • Display and set 12d Model standard parameters for office consistency.
  • Add “Choices” for User customisation and “Flow control” options to increase the utilisation of design elements produced.
  • Undertake simple formulas within the snippet to calculate required design requirements.
  • Learn how to document the snippets use, how to print errors and messages for other users and debugging tools.
  • Investigate the Snippets that are supplied in the 12d Model library.


This course presents the ideas and techniques in the 12d Solutions’ training module D03 (Design: MTF Snippets)