Stormwater Drainage 1 – Geometric Design

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Stormwater Drainage 1 – Geometric Design is a one day course for people with basic 12d Model knowledge, who want to create and grade gravity drainage systems, model utility services and resolve clashes.

  • Date: 12th December 2023
  • Start Time: 8:30 am
  • End Time: 4.:30 pm
  • Place: Spot Coworking – Level 2/3, 12 Pirie St | Adelaide SA 5000

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Stormwater Drainage 1 – Geometric Design is a course is about creating and grading a gravity drainage network for stormwater.
You will learn to create Drainage Strings using a String Editor, then investigate the use of the Water Network Editor to grade the links on the gravity system.
Utility Services are modelled, and clashes with these services are identified and resolved.

The principals taught are equally applicable to a sewer network.


At the end of the course, you will be familiar with the use of 12d Model for creation of gravity drainage networks, for ensuring that the stormwater network does not clash with other utility services, and for producing output for plan and longsection drawings.

Course Summary

These sessions cover the creation of a network of nodes and links (pits, pipes, and channels) for stormwater drainage, and creation of other necessary inputs to the design process.
We introduce the Water Network Editor (WNE) as the main tool to size and grade pipes, set cover levels, and as the entry point for plotting and analysis.

Specific elements covered: –

  • Setting up a combined Finished Surface from road design and survey data.
  • Locating sag points on the road design strings.
  • Creating a network of pits and pipes, and grading the network using the Drainage Network Editor.
  • Assigning pit names and labelling the pits.
  • Identifying the parts of the road design relevant to the drainage design and creating a ‘road design file’ that lists these strings.
  • Labelling the network with linestyles and symbology suitable for engineering drawings or export to CAD.
  • Modelling underground utility services (water mains and comms duct banks), and checking for clashes between the utility services and the drainage lines.
  • Adjusting the invert levels of the pipes to ensure clearance to other services.
  • Introduction to the use of attributes, and how attributes on the drainage network are used to produce reports and setout tables.
  • Creating longsection plots of the network.

Online Delivery

  • Delivered online via 3 x three hour on-line sessions (on three different days in the same week).
  • The date shown is the date of the first on-line session.
  • You are registering for three eLearning sessions.
    The cost shown is the total for all three sessions.


This is an entry level course for Stormwater Drainage, we assume that you have basic skills in the use 12d Model.

  • Attend the ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ training course OR
  • Complete the on-line training course ‘Introduction to 12d Model’ OR
  • Experience gained in the workplace in the use of 12d Model for modelling surfaces and creating strings.  If you claim workplace experience, we will ask you to complete on-line exercises to demonstrate your competence.