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Create Longsection Plot

Plot =>Plot and PPF Editors =>Drainage

The drainage longsection plot is created in 12d Model in the usual way, with two important requirements:

    1. The longsection is plotted using the EXDS-Sydney Water.drainppf plot parameter file.
    2. The plotter type is set to: Sydney Water Sewer Longsection

Plot Parameter File

The EXDS-Sydney Water.drainppf file has been setup to create the longsection plot, and (more importantly) allow the plotted data to be sent to specific layers in AutoCAD.

Users should note that the dwg created by 12d Model will contain:

At this stage, the dwg file is not to Sydney Water standards.  The next step is to process the dwg in AutoCAD.

Plotter Type

The plotter type Sydney Water Sewer Longsection is configured to send plotted data to the required layers, using the provided Sydney_Water_sewer.amf mapping file and SYD_WATER.dwt AutoCAD template.

See plotters.4d for more details.

Drawing Template

The AutoCAD template SYD_WATER.dwt, contains the base data required to produce a Sydney Water longsection.

See SYD_WATER.dwt for more details.