Setup Files

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Setup Files and Locations

Conversion of longsections produced by 12d Model into Sydney Water format requires the following files.





Working folder or [\User]

Provides a basic list of pits used for sewer design

EXDS-Sydney Water.drainppf

".project" folder or [\User_Lib]

Plot parameter file to create the longsection plot, with correct entities and colours


Working folder or [\User]

Provides a plotter type Sydney Water Sewer Longsection, which calls the Sydney_Water_sewer.amf and SYD_WATER.dwt files


Working folder or [\User]

AutoCAD Map File that sends plotted data to the required layers in the dwg file.


Working folder or [\User]

AutoCAD drawing template provided by Sydney Water for use with longsection plotting.


AutoCAD support file, and should be saved appropriately

Converts the longsection from 12d Model into a Sydney Water format.

Setup Files and Sample Project

Warning: The drainage.4d and plotters.4d files provided with the 12d Model to Sydney Water setup ONLY contain the necessary data for plotting Sydney Water sewer longsections.

Do Not copy these files over your current drainage.4d or plotters.4d files.  If needed, the information should be added to your drainage.4d and plotters.4d files.