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NEWS | July 2014

Rail underpass tunnel below passenger line.

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NEWS | May 2014

Iconic Adelaide Superway opens.

NEWS | April 2014

12d Model 11 alpha testing final stages.

12d Model Innovation Awards winners

New Zealand projects featured strongly among the winners of the 2014 12d Model Innovation Awards, announced to more than 350 delegates at the International User Conference.  Congratulations to the Gold Winner, Andrew Sinclair from Eliot Sinclair and Partners, for his innovative routine to filter extraneous data from hydrographic survey.

Once again, projects from SCIRT dominated entries, and won in a number of categories.  The SCIRT team is charged with delivering a lot of design in a very short timeframe for the rebuild of Christchurch, and innovation has clearly been necessary to coordinate and deliver the reconstruction.

Winner of the Customisation category was Daniel Winter of Cardno NZ.  As part of the SCIRT team, Mr Winter coordinated repairs to sewer networks.  Faced with a large network (up to 30,000 nodes) and problems in many locations he developed a routine that would write data from the 12d Model Output window to CSV file, then allow the operator to pan to coordinates in the file.

The Design and Visualisation category was won by Mark Hagen and Matt Kronk for their work on the Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport and Business Park. This is the first greenfield public airport since Tullamarine in 1947, and the first privately built airport in Australia. They used traditional tools for multi surface analysis in an innovative way to create an Obstacle Height Limit Model for the approaches to the airport.  Their work fed into the design of the proposed Toowoomba Bypass, which is was lowered so as to fall outside the OHL.

Charlie Dickson from Christchurch City Council won the Drainage, Sewer Utilities and Rivers category for his work developing a Survey As Built System.  The system was required to keep track of the numerous repairs and rebuilds to drainage infrastructure in Christchurch post-earthquake.  Charlie’s system provides guidelines for the capture of as-built data, simplifies the data capture, improves QA and the quality of drafting.  The strict requirements for dataflow mean that the data can be uploaded to GIS to provide a single point of truth for as-built data.

Andrew Sinclair — along with Graeme Crouchley — also won the Survey and Construction category for their Building Damage Assessment system.  Engineers assessing damaged building in Christchurch need to be able to quickly interpret survey information about the verticality of walls and levelness of floors.  The system provides this information, and shows that existing tools in 12d Model can be repurposed to provide information in a manner that is easy to interpret

Highly Commended Awards to NSW and SA

Congratulations to Phil Campbell from Jacobs in Sydney and John McFarlane from Alexander & Symonds in Adelaide who each scored a Highly Commended.

Mr Campbell’s award was for his ‘CASPA’ routine, a mixture of 12d Model and Excel that locates stormwater pits along a gutter based on the predicted gutter flow.  This approach is different to the usual practise of placing stormwater pits, then testing to see that flooded widths are not exceeded. The use of CASPA alongside 12d Model gives an optimised design in a shorter time.

John McFarlane was recognised for his work in modelling and setting out piers for the Adelaide ‘Superway’.  His project was featured in the EXDS Newsletter in May.

Andrew Howes of Environment Canterbury was recognised for his work on the survey, monitoring, and results presentation of the View Hill Quarry

Thane Richardt received a special award for Visualisation for his movie created using 12d Model timelines.  His entertaining work started with a simple series of dams, and viewers were amused to see a RAV4 driving on the dam wall.  The emergence of a submarine caught everyone by surprise, and this was followed by a fly-past by a pair of jet fighters, followed by the Millennium Falcon,  and a cameo by the Starship Enterprise.

A full list of Winners and Highly Commended along with their entries can be found on the 12d Solutions website.

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