The “Drainage Culvert Design” is a one day training course. It is for 12d Model users undertaking the modelling of cross drainage structures.

The use of rational and dynamic wave routing methods are used to demonstrate the 12d Model Software drainage tools.

Drainage Culvert Drainage

This drainage design course is for 12d Model users who are required to undertake Hydraulic modelling of cross drainage structures on civil infrastructure projects.

The course covers all aspects from the creation of the culvert location to the analysis of the hydraulics and hydrology results. The use of the rational and dynamic wave routing methods are used to cover ARR 2016 & 2019 Temporal patterns as may be required by your client.

Prerequisites: Completion of the “Introduction to 12d Model” is required. By booking a course, you affirm that you meet the requirements for 12d Model training courses. Check on upcoming courses at bottom of page.

Participants will learn:

  • Setting up a culvert location and the Node/Link properties required.
  • Discuss various methods for the creation of a Water / Culvert string.
  • Setting the HGL Check model and setting the hydraulic analysis.
  • Edit the Water string to set specific Culvert configurations as required.
  • Determine the Tailwater conditions and model these.
  • Addition of catchment, runoff and time of concentration factors.
  • Hydraulic Analysis and the results produced by 12d.