2D Modelling using the TUFLOW engine can be done entirely inside 12d Model.

This course is for Water Resource engineers with experience in flood modelling who wish to increase their productivity by streamlining the modelling process inside 12d Model.

Drainage 2d Tuflow Interface

This one day course is for experienced Water Resource engineers, who wish to streamline their workflows for 2d Drainage modelling by using 12d Model.

Prerequisites: Completion of the “Introduction to 12d Model” and “Drainage 2d – Introduction” is required. By booking a course, you affirm that you meet the requirements for 12d Model training courses. Check on upcoming courses at bottom of page.


Participants will become familiar with the use of 12d Model to streamline their workflows by using TUFLOW integrated into 12d Model

Course Summary

Material covered comprises:
•    Setting up a TUFLOW model inside 12d using Road Flow.
•    Reviewing the results of the modelling inside 12d Model
•    Enhancing the TUFLOW model inside 12d Model by:

  • Defining inactive polygons
  • Defining ridge and gully lines
  • Including a material database
  • Head boundary conditions

•    Reviewing TUFLOW error messages.
•    Using inflow hydrograhs and rainfall hyetographs
•    Analyse dam break
•    Include soil infiltration in the model