This 12d Model BIM course teaches 12d designers how to create and manipulate BIM elements in 12d Model. We will cover the creation of 3d solids from the parametric design, the addition and manipulation of metadata, and techniques for collaboration with other disciplines.

12d Civil DE (BIM)

This one day Digital Engineering course is for surveyors, engineers or the BIM managers who wants to utilise the functionality inside 12d Model Software to better collaborate and coordinate models from different project disciplines. Being able to import and share DE/BIM model data, access and coordinate attributes/metadata information and trimesh models.

Prerequisites: A good working knowledge of 12d Model or attendance at the one-day Introduction to 12d Model course.

Participants learn to:

  • Viewing, creating and editing attributes in the String Attribute panel
  • Exchanging attribute data with spreadsheet
  • Import and manage BIM data including open BIM IFC files
  • 3d Helmert transformation of models
  • 12d Model Data Management
  • Mapping data with attributes
  • Trimesh creation and editing tools
  • Trimesh reporting and volumes
  • Creating Trimesh objects from 12d objects
  • Create and edit an attribute manipulator file
  • Create and apply attribute label map files
  • Export open BIM IFC files
  • Investigate 3d clash detection rules; apply and report on 3d object clashes.
  • Investigate the free 12d Viewer