This one day cad and drawing production training course is for 12d Model Users wishing to produce a finished output directly from the DE/BIM model.

Cad tools and techniques are developed to allow repeatable production of PDF output drawings.  These techniques can be copied from project to project increasing productivity and reducing setup time for a high quality output.

Cad & Drawing Production

This course introduces people to the use of 12d Model for the production of quality CADD drawings.

Prerequisites: A good working knowledge of 12d Model or attendance at the one-day Introduction to 12d Model course.

Course Content:

  • Start a new project and load a provided survey and civil design via a 12da file.
  • Project Share (reference) in other Survey data which will be used in the production of plans and other drawings. (If users are familiar with sharing, cover some of the advanced sharing options.)
  • Create contours from the TIN, plot these to pdf, and export to dwg format.
  • Load a Raster file (aerial photo) for the project and look at boundary tools available.
  • Use 12d Model’s CAD tools to draw, move, rotate and manipulate data including text for notes on drawings.
  • Hatch, dimension and add additional leaders to the model ready for final outputting of data.
  • Create Plan plots using various methods including, the Quick sheet plot and plot frames.
  • Generate Longitudinal and Cross Section plots of the design data and look at exporting this data directly in PDF’s or out via other formats.
  • Create Multi page plots containing, plans, sections and combining these into a final PDF for your clients.

Throughout the course you will be given exercises to practice the skills that you have learnt, and reinforce the cad/drafting techniques.