12d Model Chains are one of the most powerful and useful tools within the software.

This half day training course is for all 12d Model Software users and starts at the beginning. Taking users through examples and techniques to greatly increase productivity and ensure the best is gained from the most powerful Engineering/Surveying software available on the market.

12d Chains

For all 12d Model Software users, chains are one of the most powerful and useful tools within the 12d Software.

Chains are a list of user defined commands that can be run in order. Chains save a workflow that can be run again without having to manually complete all the steps for that workflow.

It is in essence very much like writing a 12d Model macro to do your work, without having to know and understand the 12d Model macro language and having programming skills. They can be used to maintain consistent company standards, naming conventions and data output.

This session on Chains takes users through very easy to create options and progresses into additional advanced exercises. The aim is to open up variations and flexibility to allow users to better understand how to customise and apply chain commands to their projects.

Prerequisites: A good working knowledge of 12d Model or attendance at the one-day Introduction to 12d Model course.

Participants learn to:

  • Create and edit a basic chain file.
  • Insert record and capture a variety of chain options.
  • Use macros to quickly and effectively build a new/existing chain.
  • Utilise chain commands for longitudinal and cross section plotting.
  • Run chains in an interactive mode, allowing changes to workflow.
  • Link or nest a series of chains together for project control and management.
  • Learn to capture various user defined parameters to then be passed into a typical company standard chain.
  • Use a Chain to copy standard files for new projects directly into the working area when the project is created, saving time on setup and standardising work practices.