The 12d Model Customisation training course allows CAD Managers and experienced 12d Model users to customise 12d Model to best suit your company’s workflows and standards.

12d Model Customisation Course

This a one day course is for CAD Managers and experienced 12d Model users. Learning 12d techniques and tips for customising your project setup to gain maximum productivity and reducing the necessity for post CAD manipulation.

The skills covered can be applied on a single project or companywide to meet any required standards.

Prerequisites: A good working knowledge of 12d Model and a good working knowledge of your company’s CAD Standards, workflows and presentation standards. By booking a course, you affirm that you meet the requirements for 12d Model training courses. Check on upcoming courses at bottom of page.

Course Outline
  • Exporting Plan Information from 12d Model to CAD.
  • Setting up configuration in 12d Model so that users are easily able to export data to CAD that meets company standards.  Includes creation of a seed file in your CAD system (dwt or dgn).
  • Exporting Long and Cross sections to CAD.  This involves setting up plot parameter files for longsection and cross section plotting and configuring 12d Model to send section data to different layers in CAD.
  • Plotting plans and sections directly from 12d Model to printer or pdf.  Includes setting up pmf file to control lineweight, and creation of title blocks in 12d Model.
  • Setup of defaults for design files.  Creation of defaults for Apply Many function, creating and editing Super Alignment styles, creation of a template library.
  • Setup of defaults for survey files.  Includes survey instrument configuration, map files and label map files.
  • Creation of Toolbars for use with 12d Model.
  • Creation of workspaces for use with 12d Model.
  • Setup of keyboard shortcuts for commonly used operations.