The 12d Model Flood Modelling training course will equip you with powerful techniques to generate HEC-RAS projects, and read the results of the analysis back into 12d Model.

Rivers (12d with HECRAS)

A half day course covering techniques for using 12d Model to generate HEC-RAS projects, and to display the results of the HEC RAS analysis in 12d Model.

Prerequisites: Completion of the “Introduction to 12d Model” course. By booking a course, you affirm that you meet the requirements for 12d Model training coursesCheck on upcoming courses at bottom of page.

In this course you will learn the process for generating a HEC RAS project from data prepared inside 12d Model, then reading the results of the analysis back into 12d for display and plotting.

Course Outline

  • Reading survey data into 12d Model, and triangulating that data to create a surface.
  • Inspecting contours, and determining the location of overbanks.
  • Locating cross sections along the channel (both manually, and automatically).
  • Using 12d Model to create a HEC-RAS “Project”.
  • Using HEC RAS to determine flood water levels along the channel.
  • Adding “Interpolated” cross sections in HEC-RAS and reading these back to 12d Model.
  • Reading the flood water levels back into 12d Model, and forming a water surface.
  • The use of “Shape” strings, and HEC-RAS “Interpolated” sections.
  • Creating depth contours, and colouring the water surface by depth.
  • Creating a Perspective view of the channel, showing the area of inundation.
  • plotting longitudinal profiles, and cross sections of the channel.
  • As well as giving the user hands-on experience in the use of the 12d Model / HEC-RAS interface, this course will also explore the methods and assumptions that 12d Model uses when exchanging data with HEC RAS.