This two day training course focuses on 12d Model Software for Track / Rail design.

12d Model Software has been used on numerous light and heavy rail design and construction projects. This course covers the tools and processes for the production of a developed DE infrastructure model.

Track Design

This course introduces users to 12d Model, Track Design Tools.

Prerequisites: For experienced 12d Model Users. Completion of the “Design Features” training is required. The information is available on-line and can be completed in your own time. Experience in Rail Design & Rail Terminology is strongly recommended.

By booking a course, you affirm that you meet the requirements for 12d Model training courses. Check on upcoming courses at bottom of page.

Participants learn to:

  • Calculate the Track Centreline (3D) from the Surveyed Rails
  • Use of Linear & Arc Regression (Though not actually part of the Track Tools, Regression is essential for developing a CL off Surveyed Data when no Design Data is available).
  • Track Slew. Creating Reports, Spreadsheets & Diagrams & Plotting the Slew.
  • Rail Profiles. Producing &/or Extracting a Rail Profile.
  • Creating & Editing Turnouts & then Placing Turnouts.
  • Chainage Equalities. Equality Types & Definitions. Their use + Inquiring on Equality Chainages
  • Rail Cant. Cant design, Virtual Cant, Altering Speeds to Adjust Cant, Spreadsheets & Graphs & applying the Cant to the Rails.
  • Plotting the Rails, Ballast & Sleepers. A quick look at producing a Circular (Bored) Tunnel.
  • Setting and running structure gauge
  • Some Long Section Plot Settings/Tweaks.