Customisation for South Australian Department of Planning Transport & Infrastructure

We have worked closely with DPTI officers to produce customisation files that make it easy to create Survey & Design that meets DPTI standards.

Download DPTI Customisation

The 12d Model DPTI Customisation files are stored alongside a standard installation of 12d Model, you choose to work in the DPTI ‘environment’ when you create or open a 12d Model project.

The DPTI Customisation files are provided free of charge, but you must register on this website to complete the download.  Click on the ‘Download’ button below and you will be taken to the login page where you can login or register.  Download will continue after you have logged in.

Registration is free and only takes a moment.

The DPTI Customisation files make it easy to complete Survey or Design that meets the requirements of the South Australian Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure.

  • Map files which contain the DPTI Feature Codes.
  • 12d Libraries of linestyles and symbols.
  • Template mapping files (.dwt) to allow Survey & Design to be quickly transferred to CAD
  • DPTI title sheets and plotting files to allow production of drawings directly from 12d Model.