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We have worked closely with DPTI officers to produce 12d customisation files that make it easy to create Survey & Design projects that meets current DPTI standards.

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Download DPTI Configuration

The 12d Model DPTI Configuration files are stored alongside a standard installation of 12d Model, you choose to work in the DPTI ‘environment’ when you create or open a 12d Model project.

The DPTI Configuration files make it easy to complete Survey or Design that meets the requirements of the South Australian Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure.

  • Map files which contain the DPTI Feature Codes.
  • 12d Libraries of linestyles and symbols.
  • Template mapping files (.dwt) to allow Survey & Design to be quickly transferred to CAD
  • DPTI title sheets and plotting files to allow production of drawings directly from 12d Model.

The DPTI Configuration files can be downloaded free of charge from the DPTI site: https://dptiapps.com.au/fileshare. The 12D Configuration files are listed as ‘CAD Support Files (12D Model)’.