12d Model Software Online Resources

EXDS recognises individuals and organisations have different 12d Model Software training needs. EXDS provide a number of ways for you to train in 12d Model:

  • Public 12d Model training
  • On-site 12d Model training
  • eLearning
  • Online video training

This page outlines 12d Model Online training resources and materials.

To see Training courses that can be delivered via other means, please go to 12d Model Training Courses.

Online Courses

Introduction to 12d Model

On-line training course


Civil Design Fundamentals

On-line training course


Survey Fundamentals

On-line training course

12d Model Software Online Resources

The EXDS have developed the 12d Wiki website and additional content on the Youtube channel, 12d Trainer.

The above content has hundreds of videos covering important aspects of 12d Model software and the application of various tools for Surveying, Civil Engineering and Water Resource modelling.

12d Model training course videos

Some of the most popular 12d Model Software training courses have been made available as a series of online (eLearning) training courses.

When you sign up for a specific training course, you are provided access to a 12d Model Software Training license (approximately 4 weeks per training course) and provided with links to download course (PDF) notes, and plenty of video content to work through the course at your own pace.

Check out the 12d Learning Management System here