Learn 12d Model Software Online

EXDS recognises individuals and organisations have different 12d Model Software training needs. EXDS provide a number of ways for you to train in 12d Model:

  • Public 12d Model training
  • On-site 12d Model training
  • eLearning
  • Online video training

This page outlines 12d Model Online training material.

To see Training courses that can be delivered via other means, please go to 12d Model Training Courses.

Online Courses

Intro. to 12d Model

Video link to course

Link to Course Notes PDF

Link to Course Data

Basic Civil Design

Video link to course

Link to Course Notes PDF

Link to Course Data

Survey Procedures

Video link to course

Link to Course Notes PDF

Link to Course Data

Online 12d Model Software Video Training

Some of the most popular 12d Model Software training courses have been made available as a series of videos. You are able download the training course PDF notes and access the training data used. Work through the material at your own pace, using the videos as a guide.

The course content of each session can be found below. Additionally internal links to the Public sessions are also provided;

How online training works

If you have 12d model Software in your organisation you can skip straight to step 2 below and start your 12d training.

If you don’t currently have access to any 12d Model.  Start by downloading the free 12d practice version and ensure this is working correctly before downloading the course material.

1.    Download and install the ’12d Model Software Practice Version’.

This is a free training version of 12d Model Software, DOWNLOAD it from the 12d Solutions website.  Watch the following video INSTRUCTIONS for downloading, installing and authorising the 12d Practice Version. If you encounter any issues whilst installing the software, please email authorize@12d.com or contact 12d Model Solutions.

You must receive an email from 12d Solutions with an Authorisation file to enable you to proceed onto the steps below. EXDS can not authorise the 12d Practice version to run.

2.    Download the datasets

Download the specific Course Data you wish to complete using the buttons provided in the courses, grouped on the left of this webpage.

3.    Work through the course material in your own time

Videos of the courses will help you.  Access the videos using the links provided. These videos are also available on Youtube, look for the playlists on the 12d Trainer video channel. Many other 12d Videos have also been created to support you.

4.    Users completing the “Introduction to 12d” Online for training competency

Email the specified exercises and printed reports outlined in the email provided through to support@exds.com.au for approval prior to attending other 12d Model Software courses.