Customisation for TfNSW

Road and Maritime Services New South Wales

EXDS staff have produced 12d Model Customisation files that make it easy to produce Survey & Design projects that meet RMS standards.

RMS Customisation

The RMS Customisation files make it easy to complete Survey or Design that meets the requirements of the Road and Maritime New South Wales.

  • Map files containing the RMS Feature Codes.
  • Libraries of linestyles and symbols.
  • Template files (.dwt) to allow Survey & Design to be quickly transferred to CAD.
  • RMS Plot files to allow quick production of drawings directly from 12d Model.

The 12d Model RMS Customisation files are stored alongside a standard installation of 12d Model, you choose to work in the RMS ‘environment’ when you create or open a 12d Model project.


RMS Customisation for 12d Model 14

Upgrading the RMS Customisation from for 12d Model Version 14 has never been easier.

Please contact EXDS via and we will arrange for the new files to be emailed to you, ready for installation.

As additional 12d files and changes to some existing RMS files have been made to the current release. If you have the RMS Customisation running for 12d Model 12. Then it is suggested you install the new v14 files and look to see what additional modification you may have made to the existing V12 files.