EXDS provides training in the use of 12d Model Software from beginner to advanced levels.

Public Training locations, dates and course content information is available here.

For On-site 12d Model training information please visit here.

By booking a 12d Model training course, you confirm that you meet the prerequisite as outlined for 12d Model training courses.  The structured training courses and their prerequisites can be seen in the adjacent image.

Public Training sessions are planned for Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Adelaide. Along with regional centers such as Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Wollongong to meet 12d Users needs.

All training is hands-on, each student works at a wide-screen laptop, with a full version of 12d Model.

Our trainers are practitioners from industry, who have a detailed knowledge of survey and civil engineering standards, and are experts in the use of 12d Model.

On-site training is also available for groups of up to six people. Content for on-site training courses can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Group training for three or more is an economic alternative to external training. For more information on on-site training please call the Tech. Support number on (02) 9453 9449 to discuss your teams needs.

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