12d Model software is a
world leader in civil
engineering, water
engineering and land
surveying, used on major
projects in over 65
countries for 30 years.

12d Model Version 15

Building Tomorrow, Today.

Below is a list of just some of the additional features that have been added to 12d Model Software within the current release.

If you would like more information, please contact our Techincal Staff on (02) 9453 9449 or email Support@exds.com.au

Overview of 12d Model Version 15
• Project launcher
• Workspace Themes
• Theme Sizes
• Theme Toolbars
• Model Tree
Pavement Design using the Pavement Styles Manager
• Design Multi layer Pavements using Snippets or based on FS tin colour or by picking strings
• Pavement Style is used for all methods
• Add edge treatments and kerbs
• Fully attributed for BIM
Quick Start Design.
• Fastest way to set up and run local roads and intersections.
• Includes Pavement Design
GIS Connectivity

• Connect 12d Model to GIS server and have instant access to data
• Aerial Photography
Cadastral boundaries
• Road Corridors
• Contours
MetaConnex – The BIM / DE Manager’s Friend
• Create attributes about the model from the model
• Validate that attributes exist and are with permissible ranges
• Manually add and update attributes
• Quick Water Network – User Friendly Network Layout
• Concept Stormwater Drainage
• Adjust Pit Locations – get the model right
• Flooded width calcs for Dynamic Drainage
Markup & Review
• Review designs on-line and share your comments with the team using either 12d Model or 12d View
• Audit trail of comments and resolutions
• Use 12d Model or 12d View
12d View
• Enhancements to the free 12d View
• Use ‘Markup & Review inside 12d View
Learning Resources
• 12d Model Training (EXDS)
• 12d Wiki (EXDS)
• SPOT (12d Solutions)
Question & Answer Session