On-Site 12d Model Software training can be organised for a team of up to six participants. If you have a larger team we can accommodate with an additional trainer to ensure all participants are supported to gain the maximum benefit from each training session.

Please contact EXDS to organise a formal quote and discuss your On-Site 12d Model Software training needs.

Further details on requirements for training are listed below.

Call Technical Support on (02) 9453 9449 or email


EXDS will provide;

EXDS will be responsible for providing laptop computers for each participant with the latest version of 12d Model Software and a data projector for projection onto a suitable screen or clear wall if required.

Requirements for Training;

Clients organising on-site training are responsible for the following equipment for the safety of their staff & the EXDS trainer;

  • A boardroom / meeting room large enough to hold a minimum of 10 people.
  • A projection screen / TV or clear wall within the training room to project clearly onto.
  • A white board / Flipchart or equivalent equipment for training notes and discussion.
  • Access to a safe power supply, for computers and projector.