Learn 12d Model online

Different people and organisations have different training needs.  So EXDS can train you in 12d Model two ways:

  • Online video training
  • In-house training 

This page outlines 12d Model online training. To see courses that can be delivered in-house, either at your premises or at our scheduled courses in various cities, please go to 12d Model Training Courses.

Online Courses

Introduction to 12d Model
Intro to 12d Model PDF
Intro to 12d Model training data

Basic Civil Design
Basic Civil Design Part 1 PDF
Basic Civil Design Part 2 PDF
Basic Civil Design training data

Benefits of 12d Model Online Video Training

Our most popular courses have been made available as a series of on-screen videos.  You are able download the course data and the course notes, and work through the 12d Model course at your own pace, using the on-screen videos as a guide. More information on these courses is at the bottom of the page.

How online training works

1.    Download and install the ’12d Practice Version’.

This is a free training version of 12d Model, DOWNLOAD it from the 12d Solutions website.  Watch the video INSTRUCTIONS for downloading, installing and authorising the 12d Practice Version.

2.    Download the course notes and datasets

Download the course notes and datasets from the buttons at left. Please think of the environment before you print the Course Notes. They are easy to read onscreen.

3.    Work through the course material in your own time

Videos of the courses will help you.  Access the videos using the links on this page on the left. These videos are also available on Youtube, look for the playlists on the 12d Trainer video channel.

Introduction to 12d Model

Introduction to 12d Model course

A one-day course for people with little or no experience with 12d Model. At the end of this course you will be familiar with 12d Model, able to load and triangulate survey data and create contours for plotting and export to CAD, able to use the more common drafting tools in 12d Model, and will have had exposure to the techniques of surface modelling for design, analysis of surface features, and calculation of earthwork volumes.

Basic Civil Design

A two-day course in the use of 12d Model for road and intersection design. Participants will learn the process for creating road designs in 12d Model, including basic intersection design, adding superelevation and widening, creating bus bays and the like. They will be familiar with the techniques for creating long and cross sections drawings, and \’Chaining\’ design operations together so that designs and drawings can quickly be revised.