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12d Model 11 alpha testing final stages.

Iconic Adelaide Superway open to traffic

What do you get when you let an architect design your bridge?  A stunning-looking structure that is difficult to build and almost impossible to setout.

The $842 million  Adelaide Superway is not only South Australia’s first elevated roadway, but one of the most iconic and complex pieces of infrastructure — and the largest single investment in a road project — in the state’s history.

The Superway was fully opened to traffic on March 13, marking the end of a three year construction program.  Built by a consortium comprising John Holland, Macmahon Contractors and Leed Engineering and Construction, work started on piling in early 2011 after geotechnical investigation works and pile testing during 2010.

Each of the concrete piers was slightly different, and John McFarlane of McFarlane Geomatics was contracted to provide setout information for the cast in situ parts of the structure.  John used the information from the designers to create a 3 dimensional model of each of the piers in 12d Model.

Paul Banks of Auspat had ten survey teams on site all using 12d Model and 12d Field.  Auspat was responsible for setout and formwork checks before each concrete pour and for geometry control in the precast yard and during segment erection.

The South Australian government estimates the 2.8km elevated roadway will cut travel times by up to seven minutes for up to 45,000 vehicles daily. The elevated structure will improve safety and efficiency of freight transport, reducing the impact of peak hour traffic congestion.

The Superway on the South Road forms part of the major freight transport corridor through Adelaide and the SA Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has ongoing investigation work for other parts of this corridor.

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